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We have been heavly involved in structuring and guiding the privatization of major state-owned enterprises in Slovena. Our lawyers regularly advise government and private sector bidders when state-owned enterprises change hands. We also represent financial advisers. We stay tuned to the economic and political situations in Slovena and Europe. The fall of communism in Eastern Europe pose business challenges, requiring lawyers to understand the financial dynamics of this processies. Our privatization expertise comes from decade of legal work in the communications, energy, financial, infrastructure and industrial sectors. Our transactions have included privatization of water treatment systems, airlines, port facilities, automobile manufacturers, banks and other providers of financial services, and companies and facilities in the electric power, oil, gas, paper, steel, telecommunications and utilities industries. Our lawyers have drafted privatization laws, structured transactions, and negotiated the terms and conditions of privatization transactions. We understand what is at stake for countries, for businesses and for other participants in the privatization process.

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